9 entries for Autoreinigung Autozubehör in Basel

  1. GARAGE KEIGEL - Keigel AG
    Garage, Car body work, Car wash and accessories, ...


    (1 rating)
    Hochstrasse 48, 4053 Basel
    Supplemental: Renault Dacia Nissan
  2. Ammann Walter AG
    Car accessoires car parts, Brakes and clutches, Car wash and accessories

    Ammann Walter AG

    Frankfurt-Strasse 2, 4053 Basel
    Tel: 061 338 82 00
  3. Landhof-Garage AG
    Garage, Grocery store, Car wash and accessories, ...

    Landhof-Garage AG

    Offiz. Ford-Vertretung
    Riehenstrasse 60, 4058 Basel
    Supplemental: Offiz Ford Vertretung
  4. Tech car GmbH
    New and used cars, Car wash and accessories, Car demolition, ...

    Tech car GmbH

    Bäumleingass 22, 4051 Basel
    Tel: 061 123 45 67
  5. Garage Müller AG
    Garage, Car body work, Car wash and accessories, ...

    Garage Müller AG

    (2 ratings)
    Nissan-Vertretung Garage
    Baselstrasse 31, 4222 Zwingen BL
    Supplemental: Nissan Vertretung Garage
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