9 entries for Veranstaltungstechnik in Basel

  1. cityproductions GmbH
    Recording studio, Film and video production, Special-event equipment, ...

    cityproductions GmbH

    Frankfurt-strasse 36, 4053 Basel
    P.O.Box: Postfach 4023 Basel
  2. a-exhibition GmbH
    Exhibition stand construction, Trade fairs, Special-event equipment, ...

    a-exhibition GmbH

    Messebau, Mietservice, Beschriftungen
    Bleichestrasse 7, 4058 Basel
    Supplemental: Messebau Mietservice Beschriftungen
  3. Guldenmann AG
    Film and video production, Recording studio, Special-event equipment, ...

    Guldenmann AG

    Güterstrasse 312, 4053 Basel
    Tel: 061 331 55 90
  4. Nominari Schweiz GmbH
    Film and video production, Studio, Special-event equipment

    Nominari Schweiz GmbH

    Live Streaming, Webinare, Webcasts, Mietstudio
    Birsstrasse 16, 4052 Basel
    Supplemental: Live Streaming Webinare Webcasts Mietstudio
  5. Ragazinc Toth & Partner
    Lighting systems, Events, Special-event equipment, ...

    Ragazinc Toth & Partner

    Beschallung, Beleuchtung, Multimedia, Party Organisation, Barkeeper Zuhause
    Ryffstrasse 58, 4056 Basel
    Supplemental: Daniel Toth
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