15 entries for Farben Lacke in Bern

  1. Thymos AG
    Paint and varnish, Painter's supplies

    Thymos AG

    Militärstrasse 34A, 3014 Bern
    Supplemental: Naturbaustoffe
  2. Keimfarben AG
    Paint and varnish, Painter's supplies, Renovations

    Keimfarben AG

    Stauffacherstrasse 130A, 3014 Bern
    Supplemental: Baudialog Bern
  3. Dold AG
    Paint and varnish, Tool

    Dold AG

    Verkaufsstelle Mundt Bern
    Ostermundigenstrasse 73, 3006 Bern
    Supplemental: Verkaufsstelle Mundt Bern
    DIY stores, Garden center, Paint and varnish, ...


    Hallmattstrasse 32, 3172 Niederwangen b. Bern BE
    Supplemental: BAUHAUS Fachcentren AG
  5. Bonafini GmbH
    Chemical products, Dietary advice, Paint and varnish

    Bonafini GmbH

    Color Communication
    Bernfeldweg 32, 3303 Jegenstorf BE
    Supplemental: Color Communication