21 entries for Home cleaning in Bern

  1. Emcor AG
    Facility Management, Building and property management, ...

    Emcor AG

    Facility Management
    Bottigenstrasse 27, 3018 Bern
    Supplemental: Facility Management
  2. Wipf Aare Reinigungs AG
    Clearance services, Maintenance cleaning, Carpet care and carpet cleaning, ...

    Wipf Aare Reinigungs AG

    Wangenstrasse 51, 3018 Bern
    Information: Willkommen bei der Wipf Aare Reinigungs AG!
  3. Alpha-Home GmbH
    Building and property management, Facility Management, Garden maintenance, ...

    Alpha-Home GmbH

    Schwarztorstrasse 115, 3007 Bern
    Tel: 031 558 58 24
    Drying, drainage, On-call service, Lime removal, ...


    Tank- und Boilerrevisionen, Heizungen
    Fabrikstrasse 35, 3012 Bern
    Supplemental: Tank und Boilerrevisionen Heizungen
  5. Stucki Walter AG
    Tank inspection and cleaning, Pipeline cleaning, Sewer rehabilitation, ...

    Stucki Walter AG

    (1 rating)
    Heizöl, Rohr- und Kanalreinigung, Tankrevisionen
    Stauffacherstrasse 130A, 3014 Bern
    Information: konnte. Sie finden auf unserer Homepage einen Überblick unseres daraus