9 entries for Massage Gesundheits und Sport in Laufen

  1. Cosmos
    Fitness center, Health and well-being, Health and sports massage


    Weststrasse 75, 4242 Laufen BL
    Supplemental: Inh. Franz Cueni
  2. Energetische Oase
    Health and sports massage

    Energetische Oase

    Dipl. Masseurin / Dipl. Lebenstherapeutin
    Bahnhofstrasse 16, 4242 Laufen BL
    Categories: Massagestudio
  3. Kern Claudia
    Health and sports massage, Foot reflexology and massage, Lymphatic Drainage

    Kern, Claudia

    Massagen, Lymphdrainage, Fussreflexzonentherapie, Kinesiologie
    Enge Gasse 10, 4242 Laufen BL
    Categories: Massagestudio
  4. Scheitlin Sabine Annelies
    Reflexology, Health care center, Health and sports massage

    Scheitlin, Sabine Annelies

    Reflexzonenmassage, Energetische Heilarbeit, Integrales Coaching
    Hauptstrasse 20, 4242 Laufen BL
    Categories: Gesundheitspraxis
  5. Buser Manuela
    Foot reflexology and massage, Health and sports massage

    Buser, Manuela

    Physiotherapeutin / Dipl. RZF-Therapeutin Massagen, Reflexzonentherapie, Dorn-Breuss-Beh.
    BKW-Strasse 14, 4242 Laufen BL
    Supplemental: Physiotherapeutin Dipl RZF Therapeutin Massagen Reflexzonentherapie Dorn Breuss Beh
  6. Physio Hell
    Fitness center, Health and sports massage

    Physio Hell

    Laufenstrasse 4, 4226 Breitenbach SO
    Tel: 061 781 29 60
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