7 entries for Home delivery service in Münchenstein

  1. Pizza Melsa
    Restaurant, Pizza delivery, Home delivery service

    Pizza Melsa

    Reinacherstrasse 47, 4142 Münchenstein BL
  2. Banadino
    Home delivery service, Vegetables and fruits


    A division of Banado AG
    Frankfurt-Strasse 36, 4142 Münchenstein BL
  3. Swiss Kurier Service
    Courier service, Transport, Logistics, ...

    Swiss Kurier Service

    national, international, Express
    Gartenstadt 51, 4142 Münchenstein BL
    Supplemental: national international Express
  4. BIRSECK Taxizentrale
    Taxi, Escort, Courier service, ...

    BIRSECK Taxizentrale

    Taxi-, Kurier-, Limousinen-Service
    Gartenstadt 51, 4142 Münchenstein BL
    Supplemental: Taxi Kurier Limousinen Service
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