9 entries for Repairs in Porrentruy

  1. Garage de la Grande Tour SA
    Garage, Car body work, Utility vehicles, ...

    Garage de la Grande Tour SA

    (2 ratings)
    Véhicules Peugeot
    La Colombière 5, 2900 Porrentruy
    Supplemental: Véhicules Peugeot
  2. Borloz James
    Piano tuning and repairs, Music shop musical instruments

    Borloz, James

    pianos orgues
    Rue Pierre Péquignat 17, 2900 Porrentruy JU
  3. Raval Polissage Sàrl
    Polishing and staining workshop, Clock parts, Glazier

    Raval Polissage Sàrl

    Route de Courgenay 37, 2900 Porrentruy JU
    P.O.Box: Case postale 2900 Porrentruy 1
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