7 entries for Health and sports massage in Rothrist

  1. Dusita Thai Spa
    Health and sports massage, Thai massage, Health and well-being

    Dusita Thai Spa

    Massage, Aromaölmassage, Traditionelle Thai Massage
    Breitenstrasse 10, 4852 Rothrist AG
  2. Guggisberg Cornelia
    Lymphatic Drainage, Acupuncture (not included in category doctors), ...

    Guggisberg, Cornelia

    med. Masseurin FA SRK, dipl. Therapeutin Akupunktmassage nach Penzel und dipl. Krankenschwester AKP
    Kirchweg 21, 4852 Rothrist AG
    Supplemental: med Masseurin FA SRK dipl Therapeutin Akupunktmassage nach Penzel und dipl Krankenschwester AKP
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