4 entries for New and used cars in Uetendorf

  1. Garage Ullmann AG
    Garage, New and used cars, Car dealership

    Garage Ullmann AG

    (2 ratings)
    Hyundai Vertretung
    Industriestrasse 9, 3661 Uetendorf BE
  2. TOPCAR Ruedi Jost
    Garage, Tuning, Car body work, ...

    TOPCAR Ruedi Jost

    MTM Import Schweiz
    Glütschbachstrasse 1, 3661 Uetendorf BE
    Supplemental: MTM Import Schweiz
  3. Garage Augsburger GmbH
    Garage, Tires tire service, Petrol station, ...

    Garage Augsburger GmbH

    Opel-Vertretung Tankstelle Pneu-Shop
    Dorfstrasse 79, 3661 Uetendorf BE
    Supplemental: Opel Vertretung Tankstelle Pneu Shop
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