5 entries for Health care center in Wettingen

  1. Homöopathiepraxis Vera Kaufmann
    Homeopathic (not included in doctors category), Naturopathy, ...

    Homöopathiepraxis Vera Kaufmann

    Klassische Homöopathin (Bachelor of Health Science)
    Landstrasse 81, 5430 Wettingen AG
    Supplemental: Klassische Homöopathin Bachelor of Health Science
  2. Vitalhaus
    Health care center, Back therapy, Dietary advice, ...


    Ernährungsberatung, Massage, Personal Training, Gesundheitspraxis, Fitnesscenter
    Landstrasse 79, 5430 Wettingen AG
  3. Abele Lis
    Health care center

    Abele, Lis

    Naturheilpraktikerin, Craniosacraltherapeutin
    Dorfstrasse 12, 5430 Wettingen AG
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