9 entries for Foot reflexology and massage in Wil

  1. Genial Vital
    Health and sports massage, Foot reflexology and massage, Acupressure

    Genial Vital

    Lymphdrainage, Nazarov Stimulation
    Titlisstrasse 4, 9500 Wil SG
  2. Vadosano
    Medical massage, Foot care pedicures, Lymphatic Drainage, ...


    (5 ratings)
    Massage und Fusspflege
    Wilerstrasse 1A, 9230 Flawil SG
    Supplemental: Massage und Fusspflege
  3. Angels Nails
    Nail studio, Reflexology, Foot care pedicures, ...

    Angels Nails

    Handtherapie und Handpflege
    Wilerweg 80, 4600 Olten SO
    Supplemental: Carmen Lorenzo
  4. Bissegger Manuela
    Foot care pedicures, Reflexology, Health and sports massage

    Bissegger, Manuela

    dipl. kosm., Fusspflege / Pédicure, Fussreflexzonenmassage, Massage
    Wilen 3, 8588 Zihlschlacht TG
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