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Ristorante Bucadiciannove

Di Casparis
Presso il Golf-Club Patriziale Ascona
Via Lido 81
6612 Ascona TI


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The restaurant Bucadiciannove

The restaurant Bucadiciannove is located within the Golf Club Patriziale of Ascona. With its large terrace overlooking the course, the restaurant is an oasis of tranquility.

The main offer of our kitchen are Mediterranean specialties. But the proposals are extremely varied (ranging from simple snacks to gourmet dinners) and are completed by the daily "chef's suggestions". In addition, the kitchen provides continuous service (without afternoon closing).

Our restaurant is the ideal place for business lunches, company dinners, weddings, parties, etc., since we have more than 120 seats (both inside and outside), a large car park and above all we offer a unique location.

Of course it goes without saying that the restaurant is open to everyone, not just golfers... who said that to eat well you have to be a golfer?

In our site you will be well informed about special offers ranging from food and wine to jazz and music up to special theme nights.

Hoping to welcoming you soon at the Bucadiciannove we send our best regards.

Team Bucadiciannove

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