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Estetica la Perla

Leuzzi Marilisa
Kosmetik / Figurtherapeutin / Ernährungscoach
Bahnmatt 27
6340 Baar ZG


Phone 041 761 22 00 *
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Beauty is not a matter of age, but the result of healthy skin

Welcome to Estetica La Perla

Cosmetic studio for ladies and gentlemen,

Figure Therapist, Nutrition Coach

Bahnmatt 27, 6340 Baar | Telephone 041 761 22 00

Let us regale you.

Get slim and fit for the whole year- book your appointment now.

Going by is well worth it - we look forward to seeing you!

Marilisa Leuzzi & Jessica Tocci

What makes your figure beautiful and slim begins here.

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