6D Movie Box

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6D Movie Box

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Prodotti, servizi

Indoor or Outdoor Exterior
6 pcs. movieBOX chairs for the waiting room
6DmB Decor
6D movieBOX counting module, one table and one chair for your staff
Advanced 8seater motion SIMULATOR electrical 3DOF
Central Control System
Ridefilm Interface
FULL HD Video player
Simulator chair effects like: water spray, face blast, seat vibration.
air-compressor for some of the 4D-effects
Hall effects package: Wind, smoke, bubbles, strobe lights.
Complete 5.1 audio- video system
3D Silver screen
FULL HD 3D projector with polarization modulator
3D ridefilm package
250 pairs of very high quality 3D glasses and 50 pairs children glasses.
One year full warranty
Onsite Installation, testing and training by our technicians
Crating and shipping

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