for relocations in quality homes (furnished & unfurnished) in BS & ZH, ZG rental of quality furnishings
Eulerstrasse 77
4051 Basel

Mobile 079 790 88 88 *
Fax 061 281 00 00 *
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Furnished homes in Basle | KiwiHomes
Furnished homes in Basle | KiwiHomes Springe zum Inhalt KIWIHOMES Furnished quality homes in Basle KIWIHOMES In collaboration with E_1 Novartis Hoffmann La Roche Syngenta Lonza
per 10 Jan lease starts only - Flexible Special Deal - Uni Basel ...
Handovers possible right throughout the festive / holiday season. Kiwi Homes is at your service. _____________________________________ - Spalentor / Uni BS 4055 70m2,
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