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E. Lässer
dipl. Experte in Rechnungslegung und Controlling
Bahnhofstrasse 12
2502 Biel/Bienne


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Lässer Treuhand

The Lässer Treuhand AG is your trustworthy partner in the field of trust. We work customer-oriented and advise you personally and professionally. Our core competencies include trust services, tax consulting, real estate and asset management. In addition, we work together with our long-time partner Erich Lässer in the area of ​​auditing services. Let us reach your goals together. We take fiduciary literally, with us you are in "faithful" hands. Fiduciary services Leading accounting financial statements Financial planning, budgeting, expert opinions, analyzes, advice on financing issues Salary AdministrationManaging Payroll Accounting Create social security statements Prepare the salary statements consultation Liegenschaftsverwaltungen Manage real estate Rentals, conclusion of leases, apartment acceptances and handovers Maintenance and renovations annual accounts Asset Management for Private Services for private individuals in the areas of finance and wealth Tax Processing tax returns for individuals and legal entities tax planning office Mortgage Guarantee Cooperative in Biel Audit services

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