David Fiorucci
Leadership, Accompagnement de Transformation, Culture d'entreprise
General-Dufour-Strasse 18
2502 Biel/Bienne


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LP3 Leadership for a sustainable economy

LP3 Ltd is a limited company founded in 2016 by David Fiorucci. As a network company (or "neuronal " company), LP3 Ltd aims to be an impact lever to contribute to a better world, a sustainable economy through the lever of leadership, transformation, culture, organizational development and sustainable development.

Responsibility, agility and entrepreneurship are key elements. Thanks to a franchise system, trainers and partners deploy the LP3 impact in Switzerland and abroad. A balance is sought between collaboration, trust and autonomy. A consulting office assists David Fiorucci, CEO, in strategic decisions. Close collaboration with experts, suppliers and clients allows for the flexibility that is essential to face the challenges of the economy.

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