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Über Belsped AG

Willkommen Bienvenue and Welcome by Belsped Advanced Logistics

Belsped Ltd. is an international logistics provider that offers international transportation services and logistics solutions from and to any place in the world - using all existing transport modes such as airfreight, oceanfreight and trucking services.


The Belsped Quality Cycle guarantees to our customers an outstanding service quality. We are able to handle all your transport needs and requirements.

Produkte, Dienstleistungen

Airfreight / Luftfracht
Oceanfreight / Seefracht
Worldwide express service / Weltweite Expressdienste
Truck consolidated service / LKW Sammelsendungen
Special services / Kundenspezifische Dienste

Zertifikate, Auszeichnungen

IATA Member
Cargo Pool Swizerland Member
Spedlogswiss Member

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Silbergasse 18
2502 Biel/Bienne

032 323 13 23 *

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