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Physiotherapie am Kronenplatz

Physiotherapie Erik Goossens GmbH
MSc Physiotherapie - Fachdozent
Hauptsitz Am Kronenplatz
Oberwilerstrasse 2
4102 Binningen BL


Hauptsitz Binningen 061 422 05 70 *
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Physiotherapy Erik Goossens in 4102 Binningen and in 4014 Oberwil

Group gymnastics
Private services
MTT (medical training therapy)
medical massages

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Physiotherapy (individual treatment from 25 min onwards)

Whether seeking to relieve pain, improve flexibility or strengthen your muscles: there are a dozen physiotherapists at your side to help you achieve these goals. With or without a medical prescription, we are there for you. After an in-depth assessment through questioning and manual tests, we create an individual treatment concept based on the latest scientific findings to improve your quality of life. The treatment focuses on improving physical dysfunction and pain. Our employees have received further training in various special concepts and specialize in lymphatic drainage, sports physiotherapy, various massage techniques, dry needling, manual therapy techniques and trigger point therapy.

Physiotherapy is paid for by the health insurance company (basic insurance) following prescription of a medical doctor, but you are also welcome in our daylight flooded treatment rooms, even without a medical referal (and as a self-paying patient).

Group gymnastics

Whether you suffer from rheumatism, joint problems, back problems, osteoporosis or just want to stay mobile - you are very welcome in our gymnastics groups. All joints are moved gently, the muscles, especially those of the trunk, are strengthened. Special attention is paid to «back & posture hygiene», including appropriate bending and lifting. We
exercises together in the areas of stretching, flexibility, strengthening and relaxation. You will learn to have fun (again)! Exercise and improve your fitness: our groups are led exclusively by physiotherapists. Of course, they will support and treat you individually if necessary. The gymnastics groups take place in our in-house gym (MTT). Call us and join us for a free trial lesson.

PS: As a further group gymnastics we offer Pilates courses.

Aqua-Fit classes in the indoor pool (Binningen, Bottmingen, Münchenstein)

Our Aqua-Fit classes last 50 minutes: As with any sporting activity, we start with a warm-up session. The main part of an aqua-fit course, the deep water running or the "water race", generally lasts 25 to 30 minutes and is supported by buoyancy bodies (special vests and belts). Due to the constant cardiovascular tension, endurance is effectively trained and thus prevents cardiovascular disease. As with running on land, good technique is a prerequisite for success when you run slowly in the water. Different running forms and exercises are practiced and perfected. Particular attention is paid to the correct breathing technique. An AquaFit class always ends with 5 to 10 minutes of cooling down and stretching. The advantages of AquaFit? The cardiovascular system is optimally trained. All muscle groups are loaded evenly, protecting the joints, tendons and ligaments. The muscles are strengthened and stretched. With correct technique, this leads to a high consumption of calories. Group training can be carried out, independent of the weather and the season (indoor pool)

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