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  1. Somalvico Christoph
    Acupuncture (not included in category doctors), Feldenkrais method

    Somalvico, Christoph

    Feldenkraistherapeut, Akupunktur TCM Feldenkrais- Physiotherapeut
    Lyssachstrasse 7, 3400 Burgdorf BE
  2. Praxis Manfred Stoller
    Acupuncture (not included in category doctors)

    Praxis Manfred Stoller

    Eidg. Dipl. Naturheilpraktiker für klassische Homöopathie / Akupunktur-Massage
    Gotthelfstrasse 23, 3400 Burgdorf BE
  3. Szanto Frantisek
    Physical therapy, Acupuncture (not included in category doctors)

    Szanto, Frantisek

    Physiotherapeut FH, Dr. TCM / Akupunktur, Manuelle Therapie SAMT, Endermologie LPG
    Oberburgstrasse 15, 3400 Burgdorf BE
  4. Baumann Roger
    Acupuncture (not included in category doctors)

    Baumann, Roger

    Dr. med. Hoömopathie und Akupunktur
    Burgdorfstrasse 23, 3510 Konolfingen BE
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