Chiroswiss AG - Kompetenzzentrum für Chiropraktik und Orthopädie

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Chiroswiss AG - Kompetenzzentrum für Chiropraktik und Orthopädie

Dr. Dr. Theo Kalbermatter, Chiropraktor, FA Stosswellentherapie
Samuel Bonorden, FA Orthopädie, Traumatologie, Chirotherapie
Sonnenplatz 2
6020 Emmenbrücke LU


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Chiroswiss AG - Kompetenzzentrum für Chiropraktik und Orthopädie

Competence center for chiropractic Manual and pain therapy Extracorporeal shock wave therapy Spinemed decompression therapy for disc disease of the cervical spine and lumbar spine Spineliner Posture and movement analysis Spine measurement Foot pressure & gait analysis

Specialist for the musculoskeletal system The chiropractor treats general, acute and chronic disorders and pain that occurs in joints, muscles and especially along the spine. Such reversible, i.e. curable, disorders occur after accidents or falls, after excessive strain in sports, through constant incorrect strains in housework and gainful employment, through growth or aging processes. With specific, chiropractic manipulations in my practice I improve a locally restricted mobility of the joints, disturbances of the nerve functions and the local blood circulation and relieve and relieve muscle tension and pain. I also treat certain types of herniated discs (disc herniations) and the consequences of whiplash.

Advice and support In addition, I advise patients in my practice so that they can support their recovery themselves with therapeutic exercises at home and behave in a back-friendly manner at work, thus preventing further complaints. If you do not experience any significant improvement in your health, I will advise and refer you to other specialists (e.g. orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, anesthesia, ...) or therapies (e.g. active physiotherapy, alternative therapy such as massage, acupuncture, Shiatsu, craniosacral therapy ...

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