Tecnometal Sagl

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Tecnometal Sagl

Via Pascolet 41
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Tecnometal Sagl

Trilateral Containers

Sectional gates

Design and manufacture of rock buckets
Design and manufacture of aggregate and sand bucket
Tank semi-trailers for sale
Design and manufacture of all kinds of outfitting
Design and manufacture of trilateral skips
Assembly of hook systems
Assembly of interchangeable systems
Assembly of all kinds of hydraulic cranes
Supply of all kinds of spare parts for caissons
Assembly of front or side snowploughs

Metal carpentry

Construction repairs
Supply of wear-resistant materials of all kinds
Replacement of blades on excavator buckets and various repairs
Design and fabrication of shovels, forks, quick couplers for excavators
Design, development, and construction management
Metal construction of all kinds
Ladders, railings, safety walkways
Custom canopies and sheds
Frames and machinery parts of all kinds

Mechanical processing

Supply of oxycut parts
Supply of plasma and laser cut parts
Supply of lathe machined parts
Supply of milling cutter machined parts
Combined lathe and milling machine machining
Bent parts supply
Supply of calendered parts
Supply of wire welded parts
Supply of electrode welded parts
Other general machining

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