Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus

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Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus

Poststrasse 25
8700 Küsnacht/ZH

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Über Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus

Dear Visitor and Parents

Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus was founded in 2004 in Zumikon. In February 2011 we moved location to Poststr. 25 in 8700 Küsnacht.


Today we are a team of three qualified teachers plus a creative dance teacher working with a maximum of 24 children.

The children learn in a Montessori prepared environment gently guided by mother tongue English and German teachers. Our environment is designed to be developmentally responsive. The children learn by touching, exploring and doing things by and for themselves. We use child sized furniture and equipment with specially designed Montessori materials for math, language and practical life activities. In the Montessori classroom, students choose activities from the environment and work at their own pace, alone, or in small or large groups. Independence is a key element of Montessori philosophy.

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Colourwoods Montessori Kinderhaus

Poststrasse 25
8700 Küsnacht/ZH

079 410 09 74 *


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