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Who are we?

Based in Lausanne, Milenia is active in credit and private financial management.

It has a team of 18 employees, ensuring quality work in complete discretion and courtesy. It is committed to offering you the best offer in terms of personal loans, financial or budget management, unemployment insurance and private credit in Switzerland.

Milenia offers all the offers available on the market, an advantageous budget management and a private credit ranging from 4% to 9.9%, from 6 to 120 months. She manages all the administrative aspects and advises you kindly, whatever your request.

We manage all your administrative procedures and offer you a personalized, simplified and fast treatment. Thanks to our privileged agreements with the major Swiss banks, we offer you the best monthly payments on the market, at the simplest and fastest conditions.

Milenia makes your life easier! Entrust us with your administrative expenses, improve your living comfort and carry out your projects with a light heart.

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