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Cabinet Dentaire Lifesmile - Lausanne SA

Avenue de Cour 135
1007 Lausanne


Phone 021 616 77 42 *
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Dental Office in Lausanne

The Lifesmile-Lausanne dental practice is located at the entrance to Lausanne. Accessible by bus or car, the office is located 2 minutes from the motorway exit. Parking spaces in blue and white areas are nearby.

The team is made up of three dentists, an orthodontist and two dental hygienists.

Our dentists provide different types of quality care, including periodontology, implantology, conservative and prosthetic treatments, oral surgery, aesthetic treatments (veneers, bleaching), endodontics.

Our orthodontist takes care of children but also adults, and offers personalized care to each.

We work closely with our dental hygienists, who provide long-term follow-up, offer adapted prophylactic advice and emphasize the importance of impeccable dental hygiene and a clean periodontium. We also perform dental whitening in the chair or at home.

The practice works with latest generation equipment favoring the quality and comfort of the patient (EMS prophylaxis master, Laser, digital and 3D radiology (CBCT), diagnocam, digital impressions, etc.)

The team:

Dr Julien Fournier, SVMD-SSO dentist

Money José-Patrick, SVMD-SSO dentist,

Dr Lionel Perrin, dentist

Drsse Nancy Maurer, orthodontist SSO

Ms. Cassie Giannini, dental hygienist. ES

Ms Marine Scheck, dental hygienist ES

We look forward to welcoming you to our premises and to being able to offer you high quality and comfortable care. Our team can receive you in French, English or Portuguese.

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