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  1. Oberli & Lucca
    Automation, Control system, IT - Information Technology, ...

    Oberli & Lucca

    Soft- u. Hardware IT & T Engineering
    Moosstrasse 14, 2543 Lengnau BE
  2. Speedomatic AG
    Machine construction machine controls

    Speedomatic AG

    Rolliweg 15, 2543 Lengnau BE
    Categories: Machine controls, Manufacturing systems engineering
  3. Vobag Maschinenbau AG
    Machine construction machine controls, Metalworking, Materials handling technology

    Vobag Maschinenbau AG

    Oststrasse 3, 5426 Lengnau AG
    Categories: Machine controls, Manufacturing systems engineering
  4. Auto Marino & Genier GmbH
    Garage, Car accessoires car parts, New and used cars, ...

    Auto Marino & Genier GmbH

    Industriestrasse 12, 2543 Lengnau BE
    Products, services: Reifen-Service - Start-Stopp-System - Urlaubscheck - Wartung und
  5. Certa Fides GmbH
    Machines trading, Instrumentation

    Certa Fides GmbH

    Entwicklung Herstellung und Vertrieb von Analyse- Mess- und Prüfsystemen
    Emil-Schiblistrasse 24, 2543 Lengnau BE
    Categories: Control systems
  6. H. Riedwyl Dämmtechnik GmbH
    Building equipment and appliances, Insulation, Fire protection, ...

    H. Riedwyl Dämmtechnik GmbH

    (4 ratings)
    Kirchmattweg 6a, 2543 Lengnau BE
    Information: exécution\ calculs d'économie\ contrôle\ entretien\ entretien
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