Paly Susanna terapia relazionale Imago

Paly Susanna terapia relazionale Imago

esperta per relazioni coscienti, communicazione amorevole e sessualità autentica, facilitatore professionale Imago cert., sessuologa, docente
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expert for conscious relationships, loving communication and authentic sexuality

certified Imago therapist, certifed Imago facilitator, sexologist, graduate in psychology of social processes, lecturor of psychosociology, member of the Imago Suisse committee:

We fall in love by chance and we stay in love by choice.

"forever yours - forever mine - forever ours"

As an Imago Relationship Therapist and a facilitator cert. I give support to couples, families and corporate groups to resolve conflicts and create win-win solutions, teaching them skills and tools. The approach is effective, loving and emphatic.

The Imago dialog is a structured dialog from heart to heart which teach the couples a new way to love. the partners will discover the world of each other how they never imagined. They will learn to transform conflicts and frustrations into possibilities of growth. Thanks of the dialog they will create a new space for creativity and so they will recover the joy, the vitality and the sexuality. All this gives a deep sense at the couples and they will experience the same feelings of love as at the beginning of there story.

If your answer to one of the following questions is "yes", your are invited to fall back in love again at a Imago therapy:
  • Do you still LOVE each other, but sometimes feel DISTANT and DISCONNECTED?
  • Do you WONDER what happened to the PASSION and PROMISE of your early days?
  • Do you wish you ARGUED less and TALKED more?
  • Do you long to feel more CONNECTED?
  • Do you want more ROMANCE and INTIMACY?
When does it make sense to be accompanied individually?
  • There is a need for change, but you do not know how to put it into practice.
  • You have difficulty making decisions.
  • You feel stuck and you can not move forward.
  • You want to understand yoour behavior.
  • You want to know your values.
  • You want to improve relationships with others.
  • You have difficulty expressing emotions.
  • Your sexual life is not satisfactory.
  • You have problems at work with colleagues.
  • You have problems relating.
  • You have problems with motivation.
  • You have problems with self-esteem.

The Imago dialogue is not suitable for people suffering from panic attacks, depression, psychosis or serious mental illness.

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dal Lunedi' al Sabato si riceve su appuntamento.