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BioMed Center Sonnenberg AG

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A place for your holistic well-being

Biomedical center with hotel & vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

The Sonnenberg Biomedical Health Center enables you to get to the bottom of the true causes of your ailments, to understand and eliminate them. We do not treat only symptoms, but consistently incorporate their origin, findings from nutritional medicine and support your body's own self-healing function. Sonnenberg Biomedical Health Hotel is a holistic approach of treating, nourishing and recovering.

Dr. Rau's Biological Medicine focuses on the entire body and examines more than just treating symptoms to determine why you are experiencing discomfort. The entire medical staff treats you according to this principle and combines their own new findings for your well-being.

First, the root causes of your disorder are identified, and then an individualized treatment plan is developed to improve your overall condition, not just your symptoms. Over the years, Dr. Rau has evolved his program to provide you with successful treatment, using these fundamentals.

The treatment programs focus on you as a person and some simple fundamentals of Biological Medicine. These include regular cleansing and detoxification of the body, building up the gastrointestinal tract to achieve optimal absorption of vitamins, minerals and all the essential nutrients needed for good health. Strengthening the immune system to promote healing and prevent subsequent outbreaks of disease. In addition to the treatments, it is necessary to follow an alkalizing diet to achieve a balanced internal environment.

We call our medicine "biological" because it uses the methods of life itself - it is "bio-logical". In the state we call health, the body is in a constant exchange with the environment, feeding, responding to threats of infection, growing - repairing and detoxifying, all happening moment to moment in a symphony of life.

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