Acqua Free SA

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Acqua Free SA

Centro assistenza: Artweger, Jacuzzi, Effegibi, Spirotech Degasatori. Vendita docce e saune (Artweger) Vendita degastatori (Spirotech) Ristrutturazione Bagni Pulizia riscaldamenti
Via al Ticino 19
6514 Sementina TI


Phone 091 857 81 11 *
Fax 091 857 81 57 *
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Acqua Free SA

Service and maintenance centre for the following partners
Artweger, Jacuzzi, Effegibi, Spirotech Degasators.
Sale of showers and saunas (Artweger) Sale of degassers (Spirotech)
Bathroom renovation
Heating cleaning

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Mon-Fri 08:30-11:30

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