What is the aim of this linking?

By linking the phone numbers we allow you a direct phone connection to the number with VoIP in one click.

Click on the phone number 076 587 74 13 if you like to be connected with VoIP. Of course you can still use your normal or cellular phone to dial the number!

Do you like to be connected automatically with a click on the phone number in the future?
Do not show this help page anymore in the future, next time the connection will be opened automatically.

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What is VoIP?

VoIP ist the abbreviation for Voice over IP and means internet telephony.. With VoIP you can phone over your internet connection. Your calls are transferred digitally

The advantages are obvious:

  • Very favourable rates (or free of charge if both parties are from the same VoIP provider)
  • No monthly fixd costs for a phone line
  • Use as your personal addressbook (privat and for business)
  • Reachable on one number independently of your actual location
  • No analogue telephone system needed

We offer you the unique possibility to call anybody directly from over VoIP. It works with all VoIP providers who support the tel:-protocol. Stated below you find a selection of VoIP providers:
- Skype
- sipcall
- etc.

How can I call with VoIP?


  • A broadband internet connection (ADSL, Cablecom, ...)
  • We recommend the use of a headset (earphones and microphone)
  • A valid account from a VoIP provider (e.g. Sipcall or
  • The corresponding sofware of the VoIP provider should be installed and working on your computer
  • Credit for calls where fees apply

VoIP - fixed network?

With Voice over IP you also have the possibility to get calls from the the fixed network or make a call to it. Your conversational partner does not need any VoIP soft- or hardware.

VoIP with

To make a phone call with skype you need:

  • a valid skype account (see also
  • a working skype installation on your computer (see download skype)
  • skypeout with appropriate credit (see Skypeout)

Skype is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.