Karting de Vuiteboeuf

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Karting de Vuiteboeuf

Good Kart Indoor Sàrl Ossola Philippe
location de kartings
Chemin du Bochet 2
1445 Vuiteboeuf VD


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Indoor / outdoor gokart track

Karting Vuiteboeuf with his 1.6 km track is a great place to have fun ! Alone, with your family or friends there is always something for you. Indoor part of 450m with a bridge and a tunnel. Outdoor you will find some fast straight and then a technical part with a few difficult corners...

Lots of different gokart, you can drive a two-seats with your kid from 3 years old just beside yourself. From 8 years old you are the driver ! We also have some competion karting wich are going more than 100 km/h.

Our professional team will be more than happy to explain you everyhing.

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