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Weber, Werner

Orientteppich- und Kelimhandel Showroom Embrach (Embraport)
Katzenbachstrasse 219
8052 Zürich

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In 1963, I started in the carpet business, then in charge to buy commercial carpets for the wholesale trade. Soon I realized that my favorites were the Tribal pieces and old Kilims. In the mid-sixties, I started to travel to Anatolia, Iran and Afghanistan. The latter was my best loved country. Wild but wonderful people, fascinating nature and old Beloudj- and Torkaman carpets in great numbers made these trips a highlight of each journey to the East. All these decades, I have seen political hardship, revolutions, wars, riots and economical problems, but nothing could stop me from travelling to these countries. Meanwhile, my major source that has maintained its vital importance is IRAN. As a result of my close relationship to experienced dealer friends throughout IRAN. I am in a relatively comfortable situation, since without these knowledgeable dealers based in Iran, no trader interested in old carpets can find anything rare and attractive. My love to Iran brought me to speak and write Farsi and also develop respect to Iranian traditions and hospitality. Hopefully our team will be able to continue to work still a longer time, provided we can find the carpets we want to carry

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Undiscovered Minimalism
Weber is importing old Tribal pieces from Iran and also deals in decorative carpets like old Heriz and Mahal. Sachverständiger und Experte für neue und alte Teppiche und Gewebe.