Gradual Consulting GmbH

Rigistrasse 29
8006 Zürich


Focus on front business.

Consultants experienced about strategy, business and IT in finance and telco industry.

Effectivity by linking related topics to a harmonic overall picture.

Produkte, Dienstleistungen

GRADUAL Artificial Intelligence Suite; smart chats.
To come: Business Logic Engine; graphically script your process flows AND business logic. One role, one tool, one set of activities (design, implement, simulate, document - all in parallel while stepping forward in a process implementation).
Tool-Stack check-in, deploy, monitor, manage.


Business concept, architecture, security Avaloq Front Services.
Concepts, processes, architecture for blue print of the Avaloq Business Outsourcing Centers.
For banks, insurances: Strategy -> Front Interaction Model (channels, digitalisation, e-applications concept; GRADUAL method) -> architecture -> technology.
For banks: IT transformation to better handle front business.
Datenquelle: Swisscom Directories AG